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Hi aleksey,

I updated my Gliss EQ with the new 3.5 ver. and since then when I raise a band fast but not so fast and release the mouse(accidentally did it but had not experienced before) the meter in channel B will go up to its max and stays there then causing the daw to stop and crash and there is a message box "error: fatal..occured". and cant even even save if you choose 'yes' to save the project, the screen is shaded with white.  I'll try to send you a video if you cant recreate it.  My daw is sonar 8.5 PE.

thank you.


Yes, please send the video to if that problem is reproducable.  It is possible that GlissEQ was only a companion to this issue which really happened in some other part.  I'm not totally sure filter adjustment can lead to a crash like that.

I would also like to know whether it was a single situation, or the issue is constantly reproducible?
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