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the metering of GlissEQ is ahead of my audio.  It seems that GlissEQ ignores the latency compensation of my DAW.  I´m using Cubase 6.0.2 on a Windows 7 64bit machine.  It´s the same with Drumformer.  Elephant doesn´t do it.  What is that?

This is a known issue which cannot be fixed from plug-in's side as there is no function for such compensation available in VST specification.  The reason for this issue is that the plug-in does not know the total latency induced by all latency-compensated plug-ins on all tracks in the project.  However, Voxengo plug-ins that have processing latency themselves compensate the visuals correctly - but likewise cannot compensate for latency induced by all other plug-ins.

Okay, thank you for the prompt reply.

You are welcome!
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