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Hi, I am a new owner of glisseq and very impressed by the array of features- ease of use.

I am wondering is there a way to work in full screen mode?  Also is there an easy way to switch between instances of glisseq (like an arrow drop box that lists the different instances and switches between.)?

Also how does one have the area below the eq line colored?

Thanks for the great product!

Plug-ins can't offer a way to switch between instances - this should be handled by the audio host application.  Full-screen mode is also not a standard feature for majority of plug-ins - however, next GlissEQ update will feature plug-in's UI resizing.

If you'd like to see a filled spectrum, this mode can be enabled in the Spectrum Mode Editor.

Yes, I meant filled spectrum.  Thankyou.

You are welcome!
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