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With 3.2, if my EQ display range was set down below 20 Hz, I was able to use filters below 20 Hz.  With 3.3, I no longer am able do create any filters below 20 Hz.  Is this feature no longer available or am I doing something wrong?

I use GlissEQ as a plugin for my music/movie playback software and use it to EQ my bass frequencies.

In previous versions while you could move the point below 20 Hz, it would reset to 20 Hz upon project reload.  So, we only fixed this misleading behavior.

I guess I'm in the minority, but is there any way you could extend the frequency range lower?  The Dolby spec is for 3 Hz - 20 Khz.  There are a lot of movies with content down to 5 Hz.  GlissEQ is the only multichannel EQ that meets my needs, but I would like to EQ lower.

A sealed subwoofer will often start to rolloff around 45 Hz.  Adding a Linkwitz Transform filter will extend the bass frequencies and result in a lower rolloff frequency.  By rolling off at a slope that matches room gain, it is possible to get a flat frequency response down to about 5 Hz.  With GlissEQ I can simulate a Linkwitz Transform filter, but I need to EQ down below 20 Hz to take the full advantage of it.

If I revert back to 3.2 can I manually reset it each time upon project reload?

Yes, v3.2 will allow you to temporarily use frequencies below 20Hz.
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