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Hello Aleksey,

I updated v3.2 with the 3.3.  Testing it with a current project including automation, I can see - as you told me - only the automated gains have changed.

I can observe that v 3.3 adds exactly the double of initial value : for example if I adjusted + 2 dB with v 3.2, I am getting now + 4 dB with the 3.3.  If I had +5 dB, I get now + 10 dB, etc..  Unless I am mistaken, this occurs in all filters.  Could you please confirm this ?  Or is it only coincidence ?

Jean-Martial Golaz

Yes, this is an unfixable shortcoming of this update, it only affects filter's gain automation - if you previously had 3 dB on automation envelope, it will now read as 6 dB.
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