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There's a function that would be really sweet to have in voxengo, especially now that the spaceboy functionality is gone (spacebay wasn't really good anyway), and that would be to allow a filter's "dyn" to be triggered by another instance ?  This would allow some sidechain compressor-like functionality by say setting a peaking filter at a certain

Basically, each filter you select also has an optional option of "remote trigger", which reveals a drop-down menu to choose instance pretty much like selecting overlays.

This would give some pretty valuable frequency ducking possibilities, and the fact that this functionality is per-filter,gives a lot of invaluable flexibility that is (almost) impossible to obtain with sidechain compressors.

Please consider implementing this soon :)

I know you have shown consideration for such technologies, but implementing it even on a simple level like this would still be very helpful.

Best Regards

Well, GlissEQ does not work like a compressor, so adding such "ducking" feature is not possible.  What you suggest here is a different "device" to GlissEQ.
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