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Hi, Aleksey!

Some questions:

1.  Is the delay (in the filters gain change "relative to the signal's loudness changes") exclusively determined by the selected "Dyn Mode"?

2.  Is the delay (mentioned in 1.) always the same regardless of the "energy level" that affects the gain change?

3.  If the two last questions above are true, how long is the delay respectively?

4.  Does the Peaking INV filter behave the *exact* opposite/mirror of the Peaking filter?

5.  I know this question may sound stupid — but then again, I am kind of stupid ;) Is it given that if I change "DYN" parameter from 100 (%) to 200 (%) it would always result a x2 gain change (at the exact same energy level, of course)?

And thank you for GlissEQ!

Regarding your questions 1,2,3 please tell me why do you need to know such deep technical information?  I'm not willing to answer these questions, because answers will reveal how GlissEQ works and willl give a clue how to implement a similar design.

Dynamically, the "Peaking Inv" is exact opposite of the "Peaking" filter.

q5 - no, the relation is not linear.  You may see the effect yourself clearly as the dynamical curve is displayed.

No, no, no...  There are absolutely no dishonest intentions behind my questions.  I had no idea it was considered "such deep technical information" (although, in a way, I take it as a compliment ;)).

Honestly, and as innocent as can be, I really just wanted to get a clue about how the "attack"-like behavior in GlissEQ works; especially if the delay is constant at chosen "Dyn Mode".  This would help me determine if GlissEQ is the right tool at certain points in my work flow. (I also didn't want it to be a "it's not a compressor" thing out of it, because I know GlissEQ does not work that way at all.)

Anyway, I have the greatest respect for you and your works, and I do understand if you cannot answer all questions.


The "rate of change" (of the filter's gain) is constant for the given "Dyn Mode".  However, in practice it greatly depends on the sound material and its dynamics and spectral balance.
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