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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ Narrow-band sweeping

GlissEQ 3.2

-> click somewhere on empty space in the analyzer and CTRL+Drag

=> Narrow-band sweeping = cool.  Bandpass also displayed properly as white curve.

-> now set up some EQ curve (some peaking filters or so)

-> click somewhere on empty space in the analyzer and CTRL+Drag

=>Narrow-band sweeping.  But why is the white curve now displayed as a "sum" of the EQ curve + narrow-band sweeping curve?  Makes no sense to me.  It should only display the single curve for the narrow-band sweep.  When releasing the mouse button the curve display would switch back to the EQ curve.


Well, this has a rationale.  For example, if you are using a high-pass filter you'll see where it really drops.

What do you find inconvenient in the current manner of displaying the band-pass curve?

Ah, sorry - my fault.  I thought the narrow-band-sweeping would disable the set EQ curve temporarily during the sweep.  But it's "on top" of it.  So all fine!

But: You should explain the feature in the manual.  At the moment it just states it as feature but there's no explanation of it ...

I'll add a notice to the primary user guide that covers this function, thanks.

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