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Hi Aleksey,

Please help me with this.  I am using sonar 8 Producer and i have a project with 4 audio tracks( drums, bass, keyboard, and guitar) and 1 bus, my glisseq is inserted in bus 1.  Can you give me a step by step procedure so that i can see (a) each spectrum of track in GROUP 1 in different colors, (b) drums track in GROUP 2 , (c) keyboards track in Group 3, bass in Group 4, and guitar in Group 5.

thank you.

The short answer is that you need an instance of GlissEQ in every track that you want to be visible in other Gliss instances (the one in your bus 1 in this case).  This is a consequence of the "behind the back hand holding" that the Gliss instances use to share the spectrum information.

I don't think this involves the Group routings at all.  At least...that's how it used to work prior to the fancy new platform code.

"Routing window" is not required to setup real-time spectrum import/export.  As dantarbill noted you need to put GlissEQ on every track, assign "Instance name" to each one and select Export To in each plug-in instance.

Then you can select the "Import" slots.

thank you for the immediate reply.

The "import from" slot has only three, i have 4 tracks which i want to see, is there other way to make them all visible?

Thank you.

I think you can only see 4 spectrum plots at a time (3 imports and the one for the current instance).  It can be argued that displaying more than that makes it hard to see what's going on.

Where this really makes sense though is when you are looking at GlissEQ in one of the "contributing tracks" rather than in the bus where they all sum together.  That way you can see what the other 3 contributing tracks are doing and make useful changes in the current contributing track's EQ to keep it from stepping on the other 3. (Then you are seeing all four tracks at once.) Having done that, you'll hopefully find that you don't need to EQ anything in the bus because you've dealt with all the problems at the source (rather than after they've all been summed together).

Only 3 track imports are possible - exactly because it's hardly practical to see all track spectrums.  As dantarbill suggested, you may put a GlissEQ instance on the output bus and export the overall mix spectrum.

Since instruments usually have a narrow spectrum, it's useful to import 1-2 instrument spectrums closest to each other (bass and bass drum, guitar and vocals, etc.).  Import slot 3 can be used to import the overall spectrum to see how individual track's changes reflect on the overall mix.

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