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Hey Aleksey!

-> load GlissEQ

-> hover the "Spectrum" label with the mouse

=> "Group" buttons appear at the same place

This is normal.  What do you expect?  I admit there's quite a little sense in having such helper since the main group selector is located closely.

I expect no buttons displayed over the spectrum label.  What for?  Just looks weird to me:

Well, that's a standard "quick group selection" function.

I still don't get it.  Why do we need those twice?  We already can select a group at the bottom via "Group" buttons.  So why do you display them additionally when hovering the "Spectrum" label?

It's also pretty ugly in my opinion (look at the fonts on those buttons). "Quick group selection" also can't be found in any of the manuals!?


Well, I partially agree that in the case of "Spectrum" label it's not much useful, because the main group selector is not far from it.  But in the case of the "EQ" label it's more convenient.

Aleksey Vaneev: But in the case of the ''EQ'' label it's more convenient.

I also think it looks ugly/buggy there.  Very unsharp fonts too.  Don't like it.  In my opinion it isn't expected to get the group selection on those labels.

How do you think this should be implemented then, considering it's usually quite tiresome to move the mouse down just to switch the channel group, especially if the control area of interest is located on top?

For me it's not tiresome.  At least two suggestions:

1.  Don't display bad looking downscaled buttons.  Display groups in a proper context menu instead (like the "Presets" menu or "Band" menu).

OR (even better):

-> rightclick emply space in the Spectrum display

=> "Group" context menu getting displayed (same looking as the "Band" menu)

In this case we wouldn't need the quick selection on the EQ and Spectrum labels anymore I think!

2.  If there's just one group there's no need to show these quick selection buttons (or my suggested menu) at all!

Well, I will rethink the concept.  The main purpose of these hovered quick group selectors was to allow group selection from within the popup "mode" windows, but I think it will be better to include a full-sized group selector to these "mode" windows.

Right-click in the next GlissEQ update is reserved for "select all control points" function.

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