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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ Sonar 8.5 stutter when I insert GlissEQ demo

I was using Overtone GEQ, which came with Sonar, on 2 vocal channels.  This worked well, no stutters.  Then I found GlissEQ and replace Overtone GEQ on both channels.  Now when I listen, there are drop outs where the music total stops or a track stops.

Do you know what the problem could be?  I haven't had this type of problem with Sonar 8.5.  It has been farily stable, but I'm just now getting into VST pluggins.

My audio device is a Line6 UX1, which has also been fairly stable.

I'd appreciate the help.  I like GlissEQ, but I need to solve this problem 1st before investing more time or money.

GlissEQ demo produces demo drop-outs from time to time.  Or do you mean CPU overload stuttering?

I watch the CPU meter in Sonar and it never gets over about 20% nor does the disk usage.  So, I believe my PC is keeping up.

The problem occurs when I play my song.  Everytime I play the song, the drums will stop or one of the vocals that I'm using GlissEQ on will not start on time.  The tempo of the song is steady, but the tracks of the song seem to drop out or not start up exactly right.

This does not sound like some known problem - could you please try directing this question to Sonar staff, or on Sonar forums?  You may try disabling Sonar XRay function meanwhile.

I read several postings on Sonar's forums.

Most say that Voxengo and most VST software companies put gaps or white noise in the demo versions of their software.  I am using the demo versions.  Could this be my problem?

Yes, this can be a problem - but it does not sound like stuttering, It's a 0.5 second volume drop-out.
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