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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ defeating dyn?

Is it possible to disable the dyn feature?  Or at least to minimize its impact?

Please set it either to Dyn=0 or use Peaking Plain filter.

How do I set it to zero?  All I see is relaxed, instant, and normal.

There is Dyn setting for each band available.

I think I'm starting to make sense of this. :)

So, since the dyn setting is grayed out for lowpass and highpass filtering, I assume that the dyn feature is disabled for those types?

Yes, it's unavailable for those filter types.


would be great having a general ON/OFF button for the Dyn mode.  I am not using very often and always setting the Dyn variable to zero is quite annoying.

Great plugin :)



Slovakia, EU

Please use the Set As Default preset manager function after setting all Dyn values to 0.
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