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I understand tht the filter boosts/cuts certain frequencys bt it cuts out sum words in my verse tht i dnt want it to.  It doesnt do it wen i play the audio through the plugin.  Only wen i play it bk after the bouncedown.  I use sonar 6 le.  Windows vista wiv a powerful pc.  I thought it cud b the filter cuttin out the words cuz they r at the frequency ive cut but i've followed a hip-hop guide & ive only cut the frequencys tht they say mst rappers cnt do anyway so i dnt thnk ive cut them out.  And also it doesnt do it on the same part of the vocal every time.  After i bouncedown the part tht gets cut out changes.  It seems to move further into the verse after each bouncedown.  Some1 please help me!!!

Plug-in may cut output for a moment when it works in Demo mode.  Please enter your key in the Settings window to authorize the plug-in.

I have the same problem.

So you are saying we have to buy it if we don't want random chunks of silence in our tracks?

How much is it?

Yes, of course, GlissEQ is a commercial plug-in.  Please visit GlissEQ page at and add it to the shopping cart.

Hmm, a bit pricy (I guess all plug-ins anywhere are).

I was hoping the demo would just not include some features or have a 30 day trial sort of thing :/

AmericanSamurai: I was hoping the demo would just not include some features or have a 30 day trial sort of thing :/

What for if you still do not plan to buy it?

I just wanted to bounce something without having bits of the output taken out.

That way I could really tell if the GlissEQ is really worth buying.

I was trying to listen to the smoothness of the gain changes but all of a sudden lost output in vital areas.

I'll probably save up to buy it anyways, it is indeed a great plug-in.

I am having the same issue but I needed to understand if it was a faculty of the Demo, or an issue with Win7 64/cubase 5 incompatability.  Now I know this, I will use the demo's a bit more and see if they fit the bill as I am looking for a new "go too" set of plug ins.

So far I very much like.

Volume drop outs are standard Demo limitation of Voxengo plug-ins.
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