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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ GlissEQ turns into Fuzzbox

This sounds similar to the prerelease version "Crunching" report....

For me , it works beautifully in some situations, but in similar Cubase 5 projects it can become a complete and total fuzzbox, even with moderate level input

Moving it to another insert slot helped in at least one situation. (FWIW - in this case it was in slot 8 and fuzzed out, after a UAD Precision Multiband Compressor which was in slot 5; moving GEQ up to slot 1 eliminated the problem.)

I have a new intel quad system / Matrox dual head graphic / UAD2 QUAD

What is "crunching" report?

Sounds like some numerical instability problem, possibly due to UAD plug-in outputting some "wrong" numbers from time to time.  At the moment I have no clue how this can be fixed - it does not seem to be a widespread problem as well considering we have already released a lot of plug-ins that use a similar audio processing framework.

Of course, if you find GlissEQ unusable I will refund your purchase at your request.

The crunching report was in another thread

" Lots of crunching when visualizing"

...  I assumed they meant a sound similar to what I called a fuzzbox.

Once it happens, its 100% of the time, like harmonic generation gone wild , until the plug is moved / removed.

If I can identify any pattern to this behavior I will update the case.

The crunching reported in that thread to my knowledge was related to some kind of visual update interference.  In your case it sounds like some plug-in is sending NAN or INF signal values to GlissEQ - which causes GlissEQ to stall.
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