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I also like the above method for bypass.  Thanks!

heres a 100% cpu bug with glisseq 3.0:

theres a simple reaper project, and an fxb file if you want to load the plug into another mixer

global voxengo settings:

vst refresh, tablet mode, radial knob mode,. all precision sliders set to max

on 8x mode, the reaper 3.141 will go to extremely high cpu use after awhile, and the audio will sketch out badly. and bypass/active will reset it to work again at normal cpu load for awhile. this is while audio streaming the whole time with data, not zeros.

i believe i had this on the old version 2 demo as well

I'm unable to reproduce this problem - the load is considerable (20%), but it does not turn into 100%, I'm using 512 sample ASIO buffer size.  The fact you've experienced this problem with GlissEQ 2 suggests that there can be some issue with your hardware, possibly related to video refresh.  GlissEQ 2 and GlissEQ 3 are completely different, technically.  What they share is the way graphics are displayed.

i use 64 sample buffer, a motu pci 324 card. you have to use low buffer settings to get this kind of behaviour in general i find. i must use the lowest buffers i can as i dont want phasing between a live mic and the stage monitor in front.  IE i use this plugin for live sound. using higher buffer settings is not an option for me, besides, when my system will run it itd be a sad workaround.

im running a 4 ghz i5 quad core, i put reaper on 3 of 4 cpus and the plugin pushes the task manager to about 10% each core, when the intermittent high cpu spike comes in its about 70% on one of the cpus and 50% of another!

what youd be looking for is a spike after mabe even 20 min of running, not just a high general use. are you testing it with reaper? im sure you are id thought id check.

its no hardware problem trust me.

thanks for your considerate forum and for allowing user feedback to shape your already world class processors!

I understand the situation.  Does this spike happen with GlissEQ's interface closed?

I've tried this in Reaper, with your example project.  I've tried it at 64 sample latency as well (with UI closed), running audio for about 4 minutes.

I'm about to upgrade to GlissEQ3, but I really would like the suggested "new bypass" system implemented and if it is I'm ready.

So Aleksey do you have a new update on it's way including this..?



Yes, this is implemented and will be released quite soon (in 2-3 weeks I think).

excellent news! i realized you can right click on the band type button at bottom to get bypass/active, but still, i have to select the band, then go down and hit bypass/active.

anyhow< another thing i see would be more compression control per band: have a 'more' or 'extra' button that unfolds a threshold, ratio (mabe attack) knob. then when you click the button again, it goes back to the 'dyn' knob only working as it is now like an 'auto' dynamics control.

i realize i dont understand the plugin: on a lo frequency peaking filter, put dyn. knob on max, and it only eqs/compresses at that eq, over a threshold with no control of that threshold.

put it halfway, its constantly eqing a bit, but still responding to some unknown threshold, and a fixed ratio (the dyn switch seems to not do anything on instant or relaxed different).  IE lessen the cut or boost according to either a fixed threshold or mabe the threshold is increasing with the 'dyn' knob.

heres what i would love to see, once/if the 'edit' button unfolds the new controls:

if i could have it eq 100%, and only compress out at all (decrease eq %) according to threshold/ratio value.

then inv peaking would eq none at all (0%) unless i put the threshold value down, so a lo cut peaking would stay off until threshold is reached (anti boom for acoustic guitar for example), just like the waves c1-comp-sc. an EQ boost for inv peaking would SPIKE the frequency (expander) when the threshold was reached (puncher for kik drum for instance).

There are no "compression" controls in GlissEQ at all - no reason to talk about them as I cannot add them.

there are no compression controls, exactly why i was asking about adding them.

however, there IS compression, just no control over the settings thats what i was asking for.

this is a dynamic compressing eq! its the red curve that now shows when you highlight a band!

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