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HI aleksey.

I have UAD-1, and i think you can get same (maybe better) result with glissEQ.

But if i turn one knob on the UAD 1081, i should turn more knobs on the glissEQ.

That's the power of this plugin : you turn one knob,and it sound great !

1081 is very clean, but to get the same "sound" on glissEQ, you can try this :

for exemple on 1500hz with glissEQ:

band A peak with largeQ (3)

band B peak with narrowQ (0,8)

Add 8dB to band

remove 4 or more dB to band B

adjust dyn to 4 or other values.

sound clean, less resonnance, close to UAD 1081.

you also can try this with high shelf on A and peak on B

but in "live" situation, 1081 is a lot better, because you just have to turn ONE knob !

I love voxengo plugins and sound, but i think it will be great for you to add "character" plugins, "easy to use" philosophy with this type of idea to your "analitic" plugins .

another example : you can also get close to the 1073 with your harmoniEQ in softP mode

i have another idea for a "creamy" EQ, but i need to make some samples to upload.

Best regards.



Well, with fixed bands things are easier.  I do not think it's really correct to compare two approaches - flexible in GlissEQ and fixed in Neve.  Neve provides a "standard" approach to equalization - I personally do not think it's optimal.

i understand , but my purpose isn't to compare flexible and fixed bands, but talking about the curves.

glissEQ is one of my favorite EQ, (with harmoniEQ).

But i've tried the 1081 and my impression was : "wow, choose a frequency, add gain, sound very natural and transparent.... why ???"

So i was tryin to reproduce this in glissEQ, and i need 2 bands to get the same sound (the exemple on my last post)

you can test with peaks, but you can also test with hign shelv (add gain) with one peak (remove gain) at same fréquency.

also with low shelv and peak

GlissEQ is more flexible, absolutely, but i want ask you if you can add new ""1801 like"" peak, HiShelf and LowShelf curves (a combinaison of gain with large Q and remove with narrow Q at the same frequency), which can be easily natural and usefull in many situations, and improve the GlissEQ workflow(musicians prefer to turn one knob as two or three to get the same sound)

I can post sound example monday if you want.

This is just an idea of a man who use voxengo plugins since years and who love them and want to share some ideas.

Do you mean that band Q should be locked to band's gain?  So that if you boost largely, the Q becomes wider and when you boost little, the Q is narrow?

Not exactly.

for example, adding 2dB to A mean remove 1dB to B

+3dB (A) ==> -1.5dB (B)

+5dB (A) ==> -2.5dB (B)

And for the Q :

3Q (A) ==> 1.5Q(B)

2Q (A) ==> 1Q(B)

1Q (A) ==> 0.5Q(B)

it's not "exact" values, but you can test the sound.

I will make differents presets of glissEQ to explain myself better. (i've approximative english)

i can post this about monday, because i'm not at home.

but you're right with one point, the purpose is to add a second filter, Q and Gain dépend on the first EQ.

Maybe it can interest you, maybe not.

Well, OK, probably an example would explain more.


I'm sorry for the delay.

after another test, this filter is'nt usefull on peaks, but can be usefull for shelf and to be natural boost.

here are presets for low shelf, but the same thing can be done with high self.

presets are not very presice, but this is an example to show curves.

you can also find this curve in UAD cambridge.

Do you think additionals high and low pass like 6db, 12db, 18db,etc... can be implemented in glissEQ3 ?

Thanks, I'll check your filters later.  I do plan to include other high/low pass filter slopes in the future update.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.