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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Running SPAN in Rogue Amoeba SoundSource 4 - issues with Routing

I'm running SPAN in Rogue Amoeba SoundSource 4 ( but it seems that there's an issue with routing configurations.

1) Set Routing to Mid-Side Stereo (the Mid channel is selected by default here)

2) Hit Solo to try and solo the Mid channel - it has no effect, the full stereo signal is still heard.

Same thing happens on pretty much all Routing options.  Any idea on how to get this working correctly?

I've checked out latest SPAN again against this issue and it works correctly in some hosts I'm using - Reaper, SoundForge.  It may be an issue with SoundSource, please contact its developers.

I contacted the developers and their response was:

"The way the Span plugin is currently designed, it's not fully functional with SoundSource.  If the plugin developer is able to make an update that ensures the Solo setting is stored by the plugin, then it should work better with SoundSource."

Is this something you're able to address in Span?

Solo function is indeed not a part of preset or automation.  It is meant for real-time audition.  If you want to preserve only Mid or Side channel I suggest you to use MSED plugin.

That's the thing though, I'm trying to use it for real time audition of the Mid / Side channels whilst also seeing the spectrum in Mid / Side mode.  Using the MSED plugin can't achieve this because Soundsource only lets you see 1 plugin GUI at a time.

Soundsource is a super useful tool for inserting AU plugins into the Core Audio signal path between your DAW's output and your audio hardware, for monitoring purposes.  So basically you can use SPAN (or other plugins) across all audio going to your soundcard - your web browser, Spotify, Apple Music, everything.  It's very handy.

Being able to properly use SPAN with the app would be amazing and very useful, is there any way you can possible implement what's needed here?

Are you trying to use the Solo feature to recall its state from session to session?

No I'm just trying to use SPAN to see the FFT plot of whatever's playing back through my interface in Mid / Side mode, and also be able to solo the Mid / Side channels at the same time.

In my use case I definitely don't need it to recall its state from session to session, I definitely prefer SPAN opening to the default setting I've saved for it, and then I can switch to Mid / Side mode only when necessary (which is not all the time).

Well, I do not understand the source of problem anyway.  Could you please record a video on your phone with your workflow using SPAN and SoundSource?  Please send it to

Have just emailed you about this Aleksey, thanks.

I've replied to your email.
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