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Hi, I would like to have the best settings for the Span plugin to analyze a frequency sweep, to test if the frequency response have dips or high of more than 3db for a 20hz-20khz sweep for exemple.  Thank you.

SPAN is not suitable for such measurements, because it is a real-time analyzer.  You can use white noise measurements - in this case set the spectrum mode to AVG.

I just used SPAN for some "pre measurements" in my studio.

Since those measurements are usually about the lower frequencys (room modes etc..)

I would use pink noise (or even brown noise) and a high block size setting in SPAN.

I used:

RT Average

Block size 8192

Overlap 93,8

Average time 3000

make sure you put "offset" to center.

This gave me a good "realtime picture" when moving Mic/Speakers/absorbers in the room.

The actual measuring I did with REW.  But SPAN certainly helped me!

@Aleksey I was missing a 1/24 smoothing on SPAN (and Gliss EQ)

I find the 1/12 just a lil to "coarse" and I notice that I use 1/24 all the time on REW.

Would be nice if you could add a 1/24 smoothing :)

Thanks for your reply, I'll think about adding 1/24, this however seems a little bit the same as no smoothing at all.

for room measurements the 1/24 smoothing seems to be a standard

sent you 2 pictures :)

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