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I tried installing both the VST, VST3 and AAX versions on my Mac Pro running OS 10.6.8 (Mountain Lion) and Pro Tools 10.3.10 HD.  I followed the directions for install but the plug-in does not appear in my INSERTS as either a DSP plug-in or a Native plug-in.  It states the AAX version is only for Pro Tools 12 and above, but I have AAX plug-ins in my Pro Tools 10 HD.  So I tried it anyway.  Should I only use the VST and/or VST3 versions?  I tried trashing my Pro Tools preferences and nothing helped.  None of the versions show up in my INSERTS although they do appear in my plug-in folder.  Any advice appreciated!

ProTools requires either RTAS or AAX plugins, it can't work with VST.  We only provide AAX for ProTools 12 and above.

I thought because PT10.3.10 says it will run AAX plug-ins it might work, but as you say, yours required PT12 and above AAX.  I used to have an older version of Latency Delay that worked on RTAS with PT9HD.  Do you (or anyone out there) have any archived previous versions available that works on PT10HD?  Thanks....

Also - can you tell me the last version number that works on RTAS (and PT10HD) so I can look for it elsewhere if you do not have it available?  I'd be very grateful.

Our plugins can work in ProTools 10 only via FXpansion VST-RTAS adapter.  We never had RTAS versions.

Thanks for your reply, Aleksey.  I must have had a VST wrapper but not sure what I used back then.  I contacted FXpansion to see if it is still available as a legacy product and am awaiting their reply.
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