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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins SPAN UI is extremely sluggish in Ableton Live on iMac Pro running macOS Mojave

Please expect the update - hopefully I'll release it in December, mustgroove already tried a beta version which runs smoothly.  It's indeed an issue with Mojave - probably due to its poor support of older API - multi-threading or older Cocoa.

The fix may be due to us moving to Retina which does not need realtime UI rescaling.

Oh, that's awesome.

In the meantime, I spent 2 hours of hell with mac recovery :D I had this glorious idea to use internet recovery to install Sierra.  I almost ended up with unbootable iMac but I somewhat managed to do it so I am now running Sierra and verified that SPAN runs smooth as expected.

I strongly recommend to NOT do what I did... don't get back to Sierra from Mojave because their file system change between these versions makes this really painful.

Looking forward to SPAN update in December.  Thank you for caring!

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