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Voxengo plugin UIs are extremely sluggish in Live with Mojave 10.14.1 on my iMac Pro.  They ran normally on 10.13.6, but I just upgraded to 10.14.1 and the UI performance of Voxengo Span is extremely slow and sluggish.  There's a lot of overall lag, things respond very slowly to mouse clicks & the mouse cursor hovering over UI elements, plus the actual spectrum draws at at extremely low frame rate.

On my MacBook Pro (late 2013, with integrated graphics only) running 10.14.1 it's basically flawless, so it seems something's going on with the iMac Pro on Mojave, although it also runs flawlessly in Logic 10.4.2 on the iMac Pro on Mojave as well.

Sorry to hear about the problem.  At the moment I can't tell what's wrong, because in our plugins we basically use standard Cocoa UI drawing functions, not the deprecated OpenGL.  We'll investigate the problem soon, if we can reproduce it here, and we'll try to fix it.

From various responses I've stumbled upon on the internet and even Itunes, Mojave is sluggish for a lot of applications, so it may be a system issue, not necessarily plugin issue.

I've just fresh-installed Mojave 10.14.1 and tried SPAN VST in Abletone Live 10 Trial - it works very smoothly when I've added it to master track of Live's default demo song.

I think it's also system-dependant - on my MacBook Pro (Late 2013, integrated graphics only) SPAN is super smooth as normal in Live 10.

On my iMac Pro, it's extremely sluggish in Live (VST and AU), and in Reaper (VST).  In Logic 10.4.2 on this same machine it's smooth again.  Also in Live on this computer, other plugin UIs that run perfectly by themselves will start running extremely sluggishly if SPAN's UI is also open at the same time.

Unfortunately, this seems to be like a tough problem to debug, I've received some similar reports in the past related to previous macOS versions, but I'm unable to reproduce the problem on two of my macs - some old and newer MacBook Pros.

In our code we are not using any system- or hardware-specific code, so it's a mystery why the problem is manifested on some Macs.

Something has changed in Mojave though - on High Sierra, SPAN had no issues whatsoever, but in Mojave it's unusably sluggish.  Something has definitely changed with Mojave that is affecting things on my system, so it seems like it's not the same issue you've previously investigated.

I've also noticed that it's only Voxengo plugins with a spectrum analyser that seem to have this issue.  Other plugins without spectrum analysers have normal graphical performance.

If you'd like to try a beta SPAN version we are currently working on, please write to

Actually I spoke too soon - Boogex's spectrum analyser is silky smooth, so that one is some kind of exception for some reason.  HarmoniEQ though is just like SPAN - super sluggish


I am having exactly the same issue with lags.  However, it really doesn't seem the issues doesn't' seem to be on Voxengo side because other plugins (those with fast re-rendering UIs) area laggy as well (e.g.  VPS Scope).

Also, Voxengo was fine on my previous installation of 10.14.1 Mojave but once I reinstalled (erase disk, install fresh) the lags came.  This is at 5K iMac 2017.

I also have 2015 MBP which runs all analyzers without any problems.  I think it's because it got Mojave upgraded from High Sierra (= not a fresh install).  Therefore i assume the previous Mac OS version had some files/libs that made these plugins run well.  Once you wipe the disk and install just Mojave, they are gone and the plugins are f......ed.

This is extremely annoying.

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