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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Oldschoolverb does not work with "mac High Sierra"


I am using the freeware version, Garageband said it doesn´t support oldschoolverb, this has happened after I updated to "High Sierra" I would buy the full version, if it wasn´t because, I would have to redo all the reverb settings.

best regards


I will have to investigate this problem, it looks like some High Sierra-related issue.  Also make sure Permissions of the component are at least Read only for everyone.

Hi it seems to be the same pb with severalal plugins (stereo touch, anspec, span).

Thanks guy for reply you made a good job ;)

oldskoolverb is ok in GB but not stereo touch, anspec, span.

any id ?

I suggest you to remove the non-working plugins and then reinstall them again.  There's some bug in High Sierra.
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