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Something seems to have changed recently about what happens when you ctrl + drag in the spectrum view, but there's no extra information in the manual about it.  Has some extra functionality been added?

I sweep in one group but the curve seems to persist in other groups (sometimes even filtering the sound when I don't want it to) and the curve has a handle which can be dragged around.  Sometimes I end up with several curves decorating the spectrum view.  It's probably really useful if I could just understand how it's supposed to work but I'm finding it difficult to understand the behaviour.

It used to just apply a filter and stop applying it when you released the button but it's obviously more complicated than that now.

Sorry, it's a bug introduced by mistake in some of the recent updates, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Haha, I thought it was an awesome new feature that I was just too stupid to understand!

Many thanks for your continued generosity.  If I ever start making money from music I'll be buying as many Voxengo plugins as I can!

Thanks for squashing the bug!

IXix: Thanks for squashing the bug!

You are welcome!

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