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Hi Aleksey,

I'll put this up in case others have noticed and/or had problems.  I recently loaded SPAN 2.9 (and shortly after, 2.10) and noticed the Copy To button and destination box that has been at the bottom of the Edit window, is not there.  It was there in 2.7 and earlier, and always seemed logical in that location.  As of 2.9 (and possibly 2.8 which I never downloaded) there is a small Copy To button at the top of the main SPAN window, but it does not function the same as before, and in fact, seems to sometimes hang up if you click between Left and Right channels in the active box at the top.  I've gone back to 2.7 which works fine for me, but wondered why the change, and if there is a known problem with the new implementation.

SPAN is a great tool I use in every project, along with several of my other Voxengo plugins -- Thanks for all the fine tools!


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