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The Frequency / Note Name and dB level values jump between the top and bottom of the main display, depending on how the mouse enters the GUI or where it is clicked.

This means I need to look in two places to see the figures.

In particular when I move the mouse to the peak of a frequency I'm never too sure where to look at the top or the bottom of the display to see the figures.  I can understand that this is by design but, perhaps, we could have an option to lock them to the top of the display (where the frequency spectrum curve is less likely to be)?

Just wondering - could they be shown alongside the mouse pointer?  As in this mock-up?


...  Interesting, if true.

Thanks for comments, indeed fixing the readout on top of the display may be a better thing than moving it up and down.

As for the readout box near the cursor, I'll have to think about it - to me it looks a bit inconvenient as it hides a large part of the display.  It look OK on spectrum with isolated peaks, but not so well on continuous spectrum.

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