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Hello Aleksey ,

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I use Span plus since long time .  I have tried always different techniques to use it well on Cubase 6.5

Yesterday i built my own default Span setup for Cubase to analyze every channel.

I have a question .

When i click Export/ Import part ,i see that there are only 5 import/export channel to assign channels .

Our limit is seeing only 5 channel (5 sound at the same time ?

thanks in advice

Yes, SPAN Plus is limited to displaying only 5 imported spectrums at once.  Why?  Because in my opinion it is very impractical to see more than 5 spectrums, even 3 or 4 is much for visual analysis.

Please kindly one last question to your attention Mr.  Vaneev,

For example i want to see 2 channel as one sound on spectrum to see how their peaks as one sound .

How can i do setup for it ?

My general setup, works well for me, on Cubase like that

1.  Midi Channel - I insert "Span" as VST FX on insert bar

2.  Midi Channel - I insert " Span" as VST Fx on insert bar.

Then i assign each Span > Export 1 and Export 2 for each Span Plus.

Then When i open 1.Midi Channel SPAN , i assign on import/export then i can compare them.

But i want to see them as one Spectrum on this setup , i want to see how they together give peak .

P.S: Group and FX channel settings are really not good on Cubase because i should assign channels as mono on Group and FX , they lost their quality as original.

SPAN does not offer such function as summing of spectrums.  If you want to see sum of channels, put SPAN on the master or group track.
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