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Why would I want to code stereo to mid-side and decode back to stereo.  Can it be made to stop as soon as mid-side is coded?

The inline mode was designed to change stereo field "immediately".  Simply select the Encoder mode and the plugin will only do encoding.

Thank you.  I tried it but the output was the same as the input.  Nothing changed.

I use Audacity.  Put a stereo track into MSED, set the settings and apply.  I went back to the longer way to make mid-side.  Does Audacity not work the right way?

It may be some usage mistake, make sure MSED is not bypassed and the track is really stereo on all stages.

I get the stereo but the width is not changed.

Also note that MSED requires stereo signal to have any side channel effect.  If you put stereo signal which is really mono (same signal on both channels), side channel is zero and its adjustments have no effect.  If you want to simulate stereo effect you may try Spatifier or Stereo Touch plugin.

Thank you.  I've got it working now.
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