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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins [solved] having problem scanning 64 bit Boogex

(This only occurs with Boogex).  Doing a VST scan causes an error message in Sonar Platinum, windows 10 pro.  All the other plug-ins install and scan with no problem

If I tell Sonar to ignore the problem and scan anyway, Boogex shows up in my vst list as a 32 bit version. (I have only the VST2 64 bit box checked at installation).

Never mind, It's working now.  I re-downloaded it and it installed and scanned and it works perfect.

I swear that yesterday I installed, deleted, re-downloaded, re-installed, rebooted, etc.  No matter what I did I still had the problem.

Now today I decide to try re-downloading it and installing and it works fine.

No problem, but that's a bit unexpected issue.
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