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Dear Aleksey,

your ´MSED´ plugin is very useful and the ´Stereo- Touch´ is absolutly great!  Could you implement in one of them a simple (rate/ witdth) ´auto- pan´- function?  I know, out there are a lot free auto- pan plugins.  But all of them with doubtful audio/ code- quality...

Kind regards

What would you like to "auto pan" in such plugin?

A special Voxengo "auto- pan" (with advanced features) would be also great.  I guess it would be easier to implement this (stereo- related) function in an existing plugin instead to program and to establish a completly new.  At all I think ´autopanning´ is a very essential fx in many electronica- styles and much more handy to use than to work with automation- curves.

Thanx for your answer

Ah, so you mean adding of auto panning to existing MidPan and SidePan controls?  StereoTouch does not have pan controls, by the way.

Yes, I just mean a very simple feature to "move" a mono- track/ sample in the stereo- field automatically with a selectable rate.  Hmm, I don´t know if MSED (with auto pan modifications) is really suitable for this task, because I allways use it as a plugin for stereo- sources.  But maybe someday you are interested to code a special high- quality Voxengo auto- panner;)

Many thanx for your patience

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