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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Tube Amp 2.5 bug (minor)—also SPAN 2.9

In version 2.5 of Tube Amp, when you select a preset, the name of the preset is changed to Default.  The settings are correct, but the name is changed.  If you select another preset, its name is also changed.

For example, if you select Master Warmer, then Master Maximizer, then Broadband Modes 2 and 3, the drop-down list shows:


Broadband Mode 1



Mid Warmness

Bass Warmer

Fuzzy Overdrive



If you close the project, then reopen it, Tube Amp still shows Default for any previously selected preset.  The only way to undo this is to "Reset to factory default."

Again, the settings are correct, just the names are changed.

SPAN 2.9 has a similar bug.

Thanks for your help!

Tube Amp 2.5 VST

Windows 7 Professional

Reaper 4.78 64-bit host

I'm sorry for the issue, it is known - it will be fixed in the next update.

Good to know, thanks!  And thank you for the effort you put into them.
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