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I'm running a recent Download of Boogex on Mac OSX 10.7 in Reaper DAW.  Love the sounds, however am having issues with input only available in mono.

Furthermore, there is no Routing Button in the menu bar...  Where is it?  I've read the manuals thoroughly and tried every possible menu feature...  NO internal Routing options to be found.

With Reaper's routing capabilities, I can probably invent a workaround to create a stereo in/out running 2 instances of Boogex, but this doesn't seem necessary according to the manual's claims of stereo capabilities.

Confused...  Help please

Boogex does not feature Routing button nor the stereo operation, sorry.  Not everything in the Primary User Guide applies to all Voxengo plugins, some features may be absent in a particular plugin.


Gotcha and thanks for your thoughtful reply.  I see that Boogex supports stereo out, but I guess only mono in.  Still useful in the right situations.

In general...

Love your plugins thus far - trying out a few of the free versions - Thank you sincerely!

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