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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Can we get Bypass back on MSED?

I noticed that the 'Bypass' function has been removed from MSED.  I use this numerous times every day, any chance we can get it back?

I do not plan to return it.  What host audio application are you using?  I'm assuming most hosts have the FX Bypass switch.

I use Audiomulch, which unfortunately doesn't have a built in bypass for every plugin.  You can do it, but it involves a lot of clicking and the undo function to do a simple bypass/non-bypass function.  I loved having it right there on the plugin itself, much quicker/easier.

Another vote for Bypass, something I used multiple times a day in Triumph too.

Me too, this is pretty infuriating, as it's a plugin I use multiple times every day.  Please bring back the bypass (and in min infrastructure mode too!)

I will return the Bypass switch in the next update, it will be available in the "min infrastructure" mode.

Thanks Aleksey, great news!
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