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I have used the MSED to remaster "The Steve Howe Album." Here is a link to documentation that provides the settings I use.  Does anybody have suggestions for making this documentation easier to understand?

I suggest you to post your question on large public forums like

I just don't see the point really.  The albums you are listing all sound amazing anyway.  Your "remastering" may sound good to you, but there's no guarantee it's going to sound better for other people, on other systems, etc.  Might as well be listing where you like to have the bass and treble control on your hi-fi.

Joe Gastwirt's remastered version of "The Steve Howe Album" has flawless tonal balance and flawless dynamic range.

However, I found room for improvement in this recording's phase response and in some aspects of its stereo separation.  Phase shift means that different frequencies are delayed by different amounts of time.  This messes up the relationships between fundamentals and harmonics.

People who are knowledgeable about audio engineering are skeptical of my DSP settings.  However, people who know nothing about audio engineering often prefer my remixes to the mixes on the commercial CDs.

During the coming weeks I will be doing some double blind ABX tests with my friends and neighbors in order to determine whether or not these people prefer my remixes to the mixes on the commercial CDs.  I will provide the results of this upcoming research after I have conducted a meaningful number of ABX tests.

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