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Hi, I just installed OldSkoolVerb yesterday, and for a free reverb plugin, I'm actually really impressed.  It's the first Voxengo plugin I've tried to be honest.

Just a quick question though, what specific reverb units is it based on?  I still have a few old rack mount reverbs I bought in the 90s, a Boss RV70, Yamaha REV100 and Ensoniq DP/2.  The sound is similar, but different.

Also, if I could make feature suggestion for either a future version of OldSkoolVerb or even a paid version.  I'd love to see NLR (non linear reverb) and reverse reverb options included.  The NLR in my old RV70 still sounds amazing, but it's something I'm still yet to find in any reverb plugin I've used.

OldSkoolVerb is not based on any other reverb, it's an original algorithm.

OldSkoolVerb can't be developed further - it already exposes most parameters to the user.

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