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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins possible span bug?

In earlier versions of span, when using mid-side mode and soloing either solo or mid you could hear the signal (mid or side) on both speakers.  Now you get soloing of right or left channel exactly like in dual mono mode.  Display shows correct values but the audio output is like it’s in dual mono mode.

btw, great plugin been using it for a while, for me one of the best plugin analyzers :)

tested on:


system: mac osx 10.9

plugin version: vst2 2.7 32bit

host: ableton live 9.06


system: windows 7 sp1

plugin version: vst3 2.7 64bit

host: cubase 7.5


Thanks for noticing.  I'll try fix this bug soon.

Thanks for responding so quickly.
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