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Hi, i am going crazy trying to figure out how to see in real time two separately signal in different colors on logic pro 9.

Can anyone help me?

This is possible in SPAN Plus only.  SPAN free can't work that way.

Hey Aleksey, maybe that's way i'm going crazy but then it is this video i saw on youtube, the guy do it on Fl Studio and i saw that says just "Voxengo SPAN".

FL Studio and Ableton Live is a different story.

Oh...  Well, if you are not working on a plugin, would you tell me about that?

Logic Pro can't do free-form routing like FL Studio and Ableton Live can.  So, what's possible in FL Studio and Ableton Live isn't possible in Logic Pro.

Awesome...  What about Pro Tools 11?

I'm working on AAX support..  Unfortunately, ProTools isn't stable, crashes frequently.

Ok so with SPAN plus i can see in real time 2 different signals on Logic? what about more than 2?

You can import up to 3 spectrums.
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