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Dear Aleksey,

first of all I'd like to thank you (and your team) for the great plugin - it's running under sequoia 12 with no issues so far.  Nice job, I'm really proud of russian engineers this time =)

However I'd like to suggest a minor feature for this plug, I hope this is possible and you will take it into consideration.

In short: please do a single knob instead of 4 registers.

Since sequoia 12 supports 64bit, your plugin is _the only one_ running natively under it.  There are currently no other options to adjust sample/ms delay physically with a AVID DAW controller (Artist Control, Euphonix in the past) so far (?).  However jumping from one register to another, being not possible to make an adjustment with one rotary encoder whole way through is incredibly non-ergonomical, especially in those classical multitrack recordings with vocals or strings.  Basically it might look like a Sample Delay in Logic.  A keyboard functionality for the adjustment will be much appreciated too.

Please consider rewriting the ui, while thinking of possible donation, I'll dig into this with my boss =)

[К сожалению, твой плагин - единственный на рынке, и мы будем рады посильно покрыть расходы за эти изменения.]

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.

With best regards,

Oleg, lead multimedia @

You can change the knob values via keyboard and Tab key.

I will not make a single control, because its resolution when controlled with a mouse will be very bad.

Thank you for your answer.  I agree, rotary controls are usually very uncomfortable to be set with a mouse, thats why generally they are not used unless it's an unique design.  And that is why Logic's delay adjustment is just a slider.

Slider is not precise if you need 0-10000 samples range either.

I totally agree, that is why one may still use 2 sliders: delay in ms + delay in samples.

And, btw you can not actually alter knobs parameters continuously with a keyboard but just enter the desired value - which is, in this case, useless.

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