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I've noticed this bug on Stereo Touch.

1.  Configure your desktop so that the primary display has a secondary display either to the left or below, effectively creating a situation where the X or Y coordinate of the mouse pointer takes a negative value.

2.  Open an instance of Stereo Touch and drag it to the secondary monitor (negative mouse coordinates).

3.  Adjust any one of the knobs e.g.  OUT GAIN knob, by click-and-drag.

BUG: Mouse acceleration becomes unusable, and the knob turns much faster than normal (it effectively jumps).

Today is the first time I use a Voxengo plugin and seeing that all the plugins have a similar UI I guess this problem may also affect other products, so I think it's worth reporting.

By the way, I think Stereo Touch is fantastic, thank you for this freebie :)

Please test the Voxengo OldSkoolVerb plugin against this issue.  I think we have already fixed it in our codebase, so the next update to Stereo Touch may fix this issue.

( that's it...)

I'm still seeing bad control behavior in plugs as recent as CurveEQ. (SPAN Plus doesn't have immediately obvious rotary controls.)

The scroll wheel doesn't appear to work at all on the secondary monitor (set up to the left of the primary monitor).  When you move the plugin window to the main monitor, it works fine.

Doing an up and down drag on a rotary control has odd behavior.  I think it goes like this.  If the first time you attempt to drag a rotary control since your host opens up is on the secondary monitor...dragging will just go max or min.  If you then move the plugin window to the primary monitor, it works fine.  Moving it back to the secondary monitor gives you the bad behavior again.

I thought I had observed that dragging the rotary first on the primary monitor, fixed the behavior on the secondary monitor...but I wasn't able to repeat it.

It's been like this for a while.  I've just come to the point of just keying the values I want in instead of using the rotaries.

I think we have fixed this issue -it should not work that way in the latest CurveEQ 3.2.

It would be of course useful to know which host application you are using and which OS.

I would like to reiterate that this problem does happen in some plugins that were last updated somewhere in 2012.  But plugins updated in 2013 should not have that behavior.  So, it's also important to know which exact plugin version you are using - if you are using an older version (e.g.  CurveEQ 3.0 or 3.1) you have to update to see if the problem happens again.


SONAR X2a and WaveLab 7

Windows 7

Thanks for the info.  I guess if secondary monitor is placed on the right, the problem won't happen.

Aleksey Vaneev: Thanks for the info.  I guess if secondary monitor is placed on the right, the problem won't happen.

That's correct.  As I noted in my first post, the problem happens when either/both the X or Y mouse coordinate takes a negative value.  This means that this problem affects both horizontal display arrays as well as vertical ones.

Aleksey Vaneev: Thanks for the info.  I guess if secondary monitor is placed on the right, the problem won't happen.

I hope you're not saying that this is your solution going forward...

No, we'll try to fix the problem with monitor placed on the left.
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