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Can i ask you how SPAN is calibrated? it's not linear (white) and no pink noise based.

here is SPAN on a pink nloise:

on white noise the curve is even more pronunced.

most of the analyzers are based on linear db scale, white noise (apqualizr,izotope just to name a few) and a very few on pinknoise (waves PAZ), SPAN gives a completely different result than any other analyzer on the market, would be possible to implement a pink or white noise calibrated display ?

it's unique curve keeps me away from that honestly.


You can change the slope from the default 4.5 dB/oct via the Mode Editor.

thank you, so for pink noise i just put it at 3db/octave, that's great!

here is a setting that simulates my Audioscope 2813 analog spectrum analyzer, the curve now is very similar, as i have to send it for repair now i have a very good substitute :)

here's the analyzer with the same track (not same moment)

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