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Hi Aleksey,

A quick feature request if possible.

I use MSED daily in my mastering business, but was wondering if a future update could include an "Absolute Phase" button, which would swap both channels exactly 180 degrees.  I believe this is possible when using it in Encode or Decode mode, but not currently in Inline mode (forgive me if I'm wrong, but that's what I got from reading the manual about Inline mode).

I am usually using it in Inline mode to make slight stereo width adjustments, but also having a single "Absolute Phase" button would be a great quick reference check.  Of course, often it doesn't make a difference to the sound at all, but for certain electronic genres with 808/909 style kicks etc., changing absolute phase can sound considerably better one way than the other (e.g. you might hear more "smack" or projection, as the speaker pushes out, instead of sucking in, on the kick drum).  This would be of great benefit to me!

If I'm missing something and it's already possible, please forgive and enlighten me!

Best wishes,

Gregg Janman, Hermetech Mastering, Milan

You can swap phase in the Inline mode, too.

Thanks Aleksey!

Yes, but that's a little unclear from the manual:

"When the “Inline” mode is active, the enabled “Side 180” switch swaps the stereo channels while the enabled “Mid 180” switch both swaps the stereo channels and flips their phase by 180 degrees."

I don't want to swap the stereo channels at all, just invert the phase of both channels, but it seems both "Side 180" and "Mid 180" buttons will invert phase AND swap L/R.

Again, if that's not the case, I apologise, please let me know which button/s to press to get a simple 180 degree inversion on both channels (without swapping L and R), in Inline mode.



No, that's not the case.  Try it before arguing.

Hi Aleksey,

Nice reply...

Maybe you should try making your documentation clearer before publishing it?  Or amend it before attacking your paying customers?

Sorry, but you've just lost a long term supporter and promoter of your products.

All the best for the future,

Gregg Janman, Hermetech Mastering, Milan

This wasn't an insult.  The user guide states that both "Mid 180" and "Side 180" swap channel.  When they are both enabled, the channel swap is negated.  Of course, you either have to try it or derive logically.  I'll add a note about this to the user guide.

Thanks Aleksey, sorry for grumbling earlier.  New version of MSED is much clearer!
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