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Was SPAN ever released with a Non SSE2 version?  If so, what was the final version to not use SSE2?  And of course I'll need a download link...  I was on Google looking for old versions to try myself, but there are like 100 sites that all link back to which only allows the latest version to be downloaded... very frustrating!

Have a PIII workstation on which I would like to run SPAN.

Yes Please please please can we have the Non SSE2 version, the old one that used to have the old GUI - This new one is not efficient on my system, also did not perform well on my last system.

The old Span (old GUI) performed perfectly!!! please may we have a download to an old version??

Sorry, but we do no support non-SSE2 CPUs anymore.  Free older version software is not distributed, too.

Well then.  I feel that speaks volumes about your customer service.  Very simple to offer an old download, but you refuse.

I know now to avoid purchasing any of your products.  And I *was* considering it.


Older commercial software is offered to the users.  But here we are speaking about older free SPAN version.
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