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i've been working on a solo-instrument album for the past four months (using Gliss very extensively), and just as i'm reaching the very end of the project i got an email yesterday from Voxengo about updates to some of your free plugs, including Stero Touch.

So, out of mild curiosity, i tried ST, and the results are really good!  And i can get it into my album just in the nick of time, too.  Thanks, Alexsey for a great gift from out of the blue.  You've turned me into a happy camper.

i have a question, which i hope won't make me sound too ignorant.  Specifically, i don't understand this side channel stuff, with regard to ST and how it works. i think i understand the concept of mid/side channels in general, but i can't figure out how ST applies the delays to my mono signal to make it come out stereo.  Are ST's delay 1 and delay 2 applied separately to the right and left channels?  Or are they somehow crunched down and the result "decoded" and spread out over the stereo signal that comes out.  As much as i'm willing to believe in magic, i'd prefer to know more precisely what's going on and what i'm doing.

if you could give me a brief explanation i'd appreciate it very much.

Thanks.  By the way, i really love Gliss. it's truly an equalizer on steroids that has enabled me to do some wonderful things i didn't think were possible. i wish i had had it years ago...

Gary Berlind/

Delay1 and Delay2 are independent delay lines.  They both produce stereo effect.  Two delay lines are needed for a greater flexibility.

Signal that comes from the delay line is used as a side-channel information.  It's that simple.  You have to study mid-side coding to grasp the concept (do a websearch if necessary).

Thanks, Aleksey. i looked it up on the web and i think i understand it now.  Very clever, these audio guys...


You are welcome!
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