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I often want to use the opposite of a delay VST --- and now I've found it.

The (free) Voxengo Latency Delay can (also) be used as a "prelay" if used alone.

An example:

1) Duplicate an audio track with a percussive instrument.  Set a Voxengo Latency Delay for track B for, say, 10 ms.

2) Set a side-chainable compressor for track A for a 10 ms attack time.

3) Set the side chain for track A from track B.

Now you get the side-chained drive to be 10 ms in advance so it won't mess with your transits resulting an ultra-clean compression.


I'm glad you've found a good use for Latency Delay!

hallo Jyri!

i am really impressed :-o! this is a sophisticated way to treat drums and percussive signals.

thanx for sharing this idea.

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