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Thank you, Alexei for the FANTASTIC free plug-ins.  Maybe you can direct me to one of your professional plug-ins.

My problem is sample aliasing and high amplitude harmonics.  I have one expensive and one inexpensive library.  Both have the problem that the amplitude of certain harmonics (usually an interval of a third or fifth beyond one or two octaves from the fundamental) at times exceed the amplitude of the fundamental by a good number of decibels .  This translates into modification of tone color (especially high strings) and/or harsh and grainy sound.  Of course, the phenomenon is amplified when tracks are mixed with other instruments, especially strings.

I heavily use equalizers to overcome the harmonics, but it only helps marginally.  I also use dessers alone or in combination with EQs.  I fully understand that this is an issue at sample recording time (filtering) and once recorded one cannot do much about sound quality afterward.

In spite of this, are you planning on (or researching for) producing software that would finally take care of this very annoying phenomenon?

Thanks, John.

I'm not that much familiar with such phenomenon, but can understand the issue.  It may be due to a poor recording - so, simply buy the library that sounds well.  As I do not think such partials can be filtered out with much success using some EQ tool.
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