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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins SPAN - sluggish opening in cubase 6.5?

I know, it's not a huge bug, but consider the fact most of us open up SPAN very often during production, so it would be of great help if it didn't take 3-4 seconds each time to open it's interface.  I can understand my Virus Ti or Omnisphere interface opening for a long time, but even those VSTi's only load once, and are instant later on.  Not sure if this also happens in other DAW's, but I'm positive older version of SPAN opened instantly.

Perhaps I'm missing some .net/java/etc. patch?  Or is this behavior normal?

Thanks in advance.


Win7 SP1 x64 (cubase 6.5 x32), i7@3.5GHz, 6GB DDR3 1600, Intel SSD 120GB, Nvidia GTX 560Ti 1GB DDR5, latest drivers and windows updates.

I would not call that "normal" - it opens fast in most hosts we are using for testing, e.g.  Reaper, Live.  In the older Cubase 4 it also opens fast.

Make sure you've matched SPAN bit version to your host's bit version.  If SPAN is loaded via bit-bridge, it may be slower.

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