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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins SPAN Feature Suggestion: Cross-Track Spectrum Analyzer (like in GlissEQ)


I own GlissEQ but would like to have the cross-track spectrum analyzer-feature in SPAN as well.  This would be great for placing two instances of SPAN in a track: one in the place of the fx bin and one in the last place.  In the one instance in the last position, you then could import the sprectum from the instance of the fist position and see what happend to the spectrum inbetween.

I could use GlissEQ, but if the EQ is not needed, it does not make sense.

cheers, drjee

I do not plan to add this feature to SPAN, sorry.

so will you offer/consider a bypass eq option in GlissEQ to not unneccarily consume CPU when GlissEq is used for this?

If you have no filters enabled in GlissEQ, it does not consume additional CPU.

ok, good to know
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