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Hi Aleksey,

thanks for AnSpec!

For the looks I would prefer "Show hints" and "Min infrastructure" options too so that we could make it look exactly like all other Voxengo plugins.

"Show hints" to disable them in the Settings panel.  Currently they are shown there.  No way to disable them.

"Min infrastructure" to enable full panel.  Currently there's no way to label different instances.


I'll return the "Show hints" switch.  But won't return "Min infrastructure" since I've used a "redesigned" title bar in this plugin which isn't compatible to usual "Min infrastructure" look.

Ok, thanks!

This is a FANTASTIC plugin for visualising your audio data in real time.  Thank you Aleksey!  I especially love the "density" mode, with the "flat level meters" setting, and rise/fall/hold times of 600, 600 and 3000.  The only thing I'd really like to see implemented would be a switch to turn off the white "peak hold" indicators, for a more "natural" look, any chance of this in an update?

All the best,


Thanks for your feedback.  Removal of the peak hold indication is not planned for implementation.

OK Aleksey, thanks for letting me know!
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