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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins SPAN with Logic 9 - 8 input channels?

I'm wondering if 8 channels can be input into span.

I saw this on a Youtube video.  The person used Ableton.

It looks like I have only A and B.

And if there are only two spectrums I can analyze in Logic,

how do I stack them on top of each other in two different


Unfortunately, I am not having happy luck.

Thank you!


You have to use SPAN on a send track and then route two signals panned hard left and hard right.  I'm not an expert in Logic - but it should work similarly.  If not, then it's due to Logic's architecture.

Please try GlissEQ - it's much easier to use for multi-track spectrum analysis.

Thank you.  Does "use SPAN on a send track" mean

FIRST, I have one audio track.  I choose SEND on the track.

I put SPAN on that same track.

SECOND, I have another audio track.  I choose SEND on this track too.

I put SPAN on this other track too.

Then I create an auxiliary track and specify the bus I want to route the two tracks to this auxiliary track.

Then....hmmm....put SPAN on the auxiliary track??

Which SPAN do I look at?  I have 3, one on the first audio track, one on the second audio track, and one on the auxiliary track where the two audio tracks converge.

Thank you for your advice!

No, you need only one SPAN instance, and you send other tracks into it.  If you can't do it in Logic, you can use GlissEQ instead which works the way you envision.
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