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I have an Allen and Heath Zed 16R mixer and am using Adobe Audition 3.0.  If I use Stereo Touch on a mono guitar track, it doesn't do anything other than add a little delay to the track.  No 'spatial depth', no 'surround sound' at all.. no matter what preset.

I'm wondering if it's an Allen and Heath issue..  AA 3.0 has a channel separator called 'Inverted Average' which used to work great using a Presonus Firepod, but now doesn't work either.  If I use the Inverted Average function now, no audio is heard on the track.

I know it may not be a Stereo Touch issue, but any ideas?



I'll answer my own question.. it's the Allen and Heath.. in combination of learning how the board works (it's new)..  Needed to route my DAW to a stereo output on the mixer.  Now all is well.. and damn if the Stereo Touch doesn't kick ass! :)..


OK, glad you've got it working.
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