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Mauri: I have'nt tried the 2.4.1 yet but when re-sizing 2.4 by dragging the corner, the 'Windows window' shell stays the same size (white background) at the same time as the plugin is reduced in size.  Is that how it's supposed to work?

I was getting the same thing in Pyramix until I located my mouse cursor inside the lower right corner.  If I place the cursor on the edge of the frame, I get the normal Windows resizing, double headed arrow icon and the window behaves just as you describe.

Place the mouse cursor INSIDE the frame, then I can resize SPAN to any width or height I'd like.

Pyramix 7.1 Native, Windows XP Pro 32 bit, SP3, Bootcamp 2.1 on a 2006 iMac and a 2007 MacBook Pro.

The resizing works perfectly under the Mac OS.

Frank Lockwood

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Host DAW: Merging Technologies' Pyramix 11.0.4 (64 bit) AND 9.1.10 (32 bit)

System: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit on Mac Mini (6.2) via Bootcamp 5.1.5621

Windows 7 SP1 32 bit on MacBook Pro (3.1) computer via Bootcamp 4.0.4033.

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Aleksey, why does 2.4.1 need SSE2?  SPAN 2.3 was working fine on AMD Athlon (no SSE2).  2.4.1 doesn't load :(

Dandruff: Aleksey, why does 2.4.1 need SSE2?  SPAN 2.3 was working fine on AMD Athlon (no SSE2).  2.4.1 doesn't load :(

Sorry, but I've decided to go ahead and make SSE2 a requirement, because the SSE2 code is more efficient.

Ok.  No chance to get both (non-SSE2 and SSE2) in a single DLL?

Maybe at least a useful error message would be nice instead of just not working!?  Daichi Synth1 v1.12 VSTi does this for example (GUI shown with SSE2 error message on top).

Having non-SSE and SSE code is not possible - we are using a newer and more efficient Intel IPP library that uses SSE2 code exclusively - it's used for FFT.

I'll try to implement display of an error message if SSE2 is unavailable.

Ok, thanks!
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